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Access Solutions was founded on the basic principles of making devices or products accessible to the blind or visually impaired via assistive technology.

"Assistive technology" is a general term used to describe technology used by persons with disabilities to perform a myriad of everyday functions that would be otherwise difficult or impossible to do.

Access Solutions started in 2000 making hardware speech synthesizers for the blind but while doing so found that many applications can be used in devices and products that assist all people, disabled or not.

A hardware speech synthesizer, in conjunction with a software screen reading package, allows text that is visually seen on a computer display to be translated into an artificial voice and read aloud to the blind user.

Access Solutions hardware synthesizers have been utilized globally in several public and private industry projects not related to the blind or visually impaired. Examples of such applications include:

  • Audible alarms and messages in devices for commercial and military use
  • Relaying messages in flight simulators for training purposes
  • As communicators for persons with verbal impairments
  • Use in educating students in a foreign language

We have sold TripleTalk and DECtalk synthesizers to Austrillia, Japan, India, South America, England, France, Belgium, and to almost every state in the USA to companies and institutions like AK Steel, Alcoa, CAE, Lockheed Martin, KLM, Raytheon, and the FAA.

We can also develop custom text to speech solutions for you! Contact us for details!