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TripleTalk PCI

Triple Talk PCI Hardware

General Information:

The Triple-Talk PCI is an internal text to speech synthesizer card. Utilizing the latest in advanced Double-Talk technology, the Triple-Talk PCI synthesizer is extremely responsive and produces a quality of speech that is better than ever.

Notice: This product is no longer being manufactured. For driver support, please see the Downloads page. For our most current TripleTalk product, take a look at the TripleTalk USB Mini!

The Triple-Talk PCI is fully configurable to meet your listening needs including:

  • 8 predefined voices
  • 10 volume levels
  • 10 different speeds
  • 100 unique pitches

In addition, parameters such as tone, punctuation filtering, and intonation are also adjustable. Note that these settings may be limited by certain software packages such as screen access programs.

With support for programs such as Window-Eyes, Jaws for Windows, Vocal-Eyes, OpenBook, Kurzweil, and Dolphin the Triple-Talk synthesizer provides a reliable solution to your screen access or text to speech convertion needs.

System Requirements:

The Triple-Talk PCI is designed to operate in an IBM or compatible micro computer with a 33MHz PCI bus.

Currently the Triple-Talk PCI functions with DOS/DOS boxes/3.x/9x/Me/NT4.0/2K/XP Home/Pro/Vista.

Audio Output:

The Triple-Talk PCI comes with an external mono speaker for delivering its excellent synthesized speech output. In addition, the external speaker is equiped with a volume knob and an 1/8" head phone jack for added convenience.


The Triple-Talk PCI currently retails for $395.00.

Package Contents:

  • 1 Triple-Talk PCI
  • Mono Speaker with 1/8" jack
  • 1 Triple-Talk PCI Installation CD
  • 1 Quick Reference Data Sheet